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Ozzie Melendez -Latin Pop Music Salsa Fusion 2018
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Latin pop music has become one of the most sought-after genres. Making a strong wave this year 2017 with Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber’s collaboration on the mega-hit “Despacito“. Leaving many audiences asking for more of the rhythmic music. If you are one of those that enjoys Latin pop music, listen to Ozzie Melendez’s rhythmic beats here.

Ozzie’s musical history has many chapters. One starting out with the world’s most renown salsa king, Willie Colon himself. Ozzie has toured with Willie for over a decade now and still states that he learns something new from Willie every time. Ozzie Melendez is also busy on tour full time with another Latin Music Pop favorite, the one the only Marc Anthony. Ozzie has managed to pull experience and knowledge from working with the best of them to influence his music and keep a pulse on all relevant music.  As one of Ozzie’s reviews mentions his style of music Mr Todd Bauer of :

“That’s an easy guess after hearing it and a couple of previous tracks in the shape of “Por La Vereda” and “Ay Mujer” which may or may not give more insight to him as a recording artist. If you’re Spanish speaking it will have more impact though, as they’re sang in his native tongue. But getting past them to the main course is what the review is all about, and “Camaleón” is just the right ticket if you’re looking up his alley for something to dance to. If not, you can still get a groove on just listening to it. Lovers of Salsa, Flamenco and others will be able to fully appreciate a track like this being chosen for a single release. It goes the distance in every way, to bring people together on the floor and tear it up, especially in the hot summer time, when it is best celebrated.

When else do you break out the jams and start dancing than in the summer heat, it’s a very outdoorsy vibe all the way through it, so it comes out at just the right time. It runs for 3:45 of pure Latin spirit to wash all over you and your dance partner, or just your ears only on the headphones will do as well. It fits every intended purpose and more, and I can hear this ringing out of the doors of the clubs and even pool houses of the backyards of the suburbs. It has that air of gathering for parties with or without live music being presented. It can be a smash inside or outside that way.

There is definitely-a place for Ozzie Melendez in the musical mainstream somewhere, and he’ll get there if the forces stay aligned with him, but he’s already proven himself a thousand times over, and that’s no secret. But if there’s a goal beyond just coming out to play instead of produce or back someone else, it is yet to be seen via releasing singles. A full-length EP or album awaits, but that could be off on the horizon somewhere after this and more singles are released. It’s up to him to follow up in that fashion or not, but why start something and not go the distance. But a very good start it is, that’s for sure.”

Album Review

Ozzie fuses the best of both worlds together on this one single track, and gives it his best shot. There’s really nothing to say about it that can reduce the exuberance he put into it. This is either something you like or something you don’t. But it can bring you around if you don’t, and that’s every reason to do it in Spanish and English. Both have some difference in them enough to enjoy whichever language you speak. This is a universal approach that can’t always be made, so it comes recommended for that effort on top of it all. His singing voice comes alive for all it’s worth, and the sheer enthusiasm alone is contagious. That’s a testament of where he’s been as a writer and-also where he’s headed in today’s musical landscape as a performer. You can dance or kick your shoes off and relax to either version of this track. The horns take a secondary role in the arrangement but they help enhance his voice all-the more, as the featured instrument of the song. Make no mistake, his voice shines above and beyond all other points on offer.
- by Kevin Webber -